Wetware Support Policy

Effective starting: March 28, 2019

1 Hours of Availability - Weekend coverage applies only to Priority and Premier Support programs. Weekend coverage for Projcycle is limited to L1 issues only for eligible support offerings. Weekend support does not cover free or open source products . Weekends start from 5PM Australian Eastern timezone (UTC+10 & UTC+11 DST) until Monday 10AM Australian Eastern timezone (UTC+10 & UTC+11 DST), spanning a total of 48 hours. During weekends when a Premier Support team member is not scheduled in advance, Premier Support requests are handled by the Select Support team.

2 9/5 Support - Hours of coverage include 8am - 5pm for the following timezones: Australia Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10). Tickets will be handled in the office corresponding to the geo in which they are submitted.

3 Initial Response Times – Full descriptions of severity levels are as follows:

  • Level 1: Production application down or major malfunction affecting business and high number of staff

  • Level 2: Serious degradation of application performance or functionality

  • Level 3: Application issue that has a moderate impact to the business

  • Level 4: Issue or question with limited business impact

4 Support Team – Our Advanced and Dedicated Senior Teams are both highly trained engineers who are ready to diagnose issues in your environment. Our dedicated senior support team familiarise themselves with three primary contacts from your company to learn your network and environment.

5 Entitlement for Community Support - Community Support (from the Wetware Community) is available to anyone who signs up. Users of 10-user starter license are eligible for only community support.

6 Premier Support Named Contacts - Premier connects our top tier engineers with the customer and in order to ensure the best outcomes we limited the number of individuals within an account per $35,000 to three named contacts.  This helps ensure the most knowledgeable individuals within our customers are connected with our most senior engineers to drive issues to conclusion faster.  If additional named contacts are needed they can be purchased three at a time by purchasing additional Premier licenses. Account coverage pertains to all active Wetware server product licenses and does not include Open Source products or 3rd party plugins.

Premier Support Key Benefits & Details

  • Account-wide coverage - Premier support is an account wide service that covers all of your installed Wetware products and Wetware plug-ins.

  • Direct access and phone support from a dedicated senior support team  - All Premier Support tickets are handled and responded to by advanced senior support engineers with advanced technical and soft skills to better aid customers with complex environments and mission critical needs. Phone support and daily/weekly conference calls are highly leveraged during critical issue resolution.

  • Development team priority  - Higher priority queue placement is given to Premier Support customers when issues have to be escalated through to our development organisation for assistance or fixes.

  • 24 x 7 phone support - Local regional phone numbers are given out to all Premier Support customers and phones are covered 24x7 to guarantee that you can connect with an engineer directly to assist you and to more quickly understand your issue without requiring you to wait for multiple ticket bounces.

  • Screen-sharing, collaboration phone calls, and health checks  - Our team is highly accustomed to screen-sharing session with customers to reduce miscommunications and delays, which lowers resolution times.

  • Weekend coverage  - Premier Support customers receive weekend support for their products, select server and data centre support customers do not receive weekend coverage. Please click the link below for additional details as some products are excluded from coverage and/or restricted by severity.

  • Account on-boarding - Our team records your hardware, software, network, and configuration details during a series of on-boarding calls and discussions to ensure we have your detailed environment information available before your first ticket is filed, further reducing overall resolution times, questions, and delays for each follow-on issue.

  • Health Checks - During on-boarding our team performs health checks and performs best practice analysis across each of the Wetware systems. Customers can also request that additional health checks be performed during upgrades on both staging and production environments, which assists with more trouble free upgrade experiences.

  • Other additional Premier Support offerings  - Find out what other offering and benefits come from Premier Support by clicking on the following link; Premier Support Offering Details.

Priority Support Server Key Benefits & Details

  • Mission critical coverage - Priority Support Server can be purchased for your most critical Wetware instances - ensuring you have elevated support when you need

  • Advanced team for critical issues  - All critical Priority Support Server tickets (L1/L2) will route directly to our most senior Support Engineers (24x5). This team is dedicated to Priority Support Server customers, and ensures a faster response in critical situations.

  • 24 x 7 phone support and weekend support for L1 issues - Local regional phone numbers are given out to all Priority Support Server customers and phones are covered 24x7 to guarantee that you can connect with an engineer directly to assist you with your Level 1 severity issues.

  • Screen-sharing and collaboration phone calls  - Our team is highly accustomed to screen-sharing session with customers to reduce miscommunications and delays, which lowers resolution times.

  • Account on-boarding - All Priority Support Server customers receive a detailed on-boarding email that contains all the details necessary to engage with our team. Additional troubleshooting guidelines, best-practices, and steps to help expedite ticket triage and resolution

  • Other additional Priority Support Server offerings  - Find out what other offering and benefits come from Priority Support Server by clicking on the following link: Priority Support Server Offering Details

Support Includes

  • Incident Support - Identifying and troubleshooting problems in the system

  • Root cause analysis

  • Assistance with issues during installation

  • Assistance with issues during upgrades

  • Identifying and creating needed bug reports

  • Guidance around implementation and configuration

  • Integration support with other Wetware products

Support Does Not Include

  • Customers without a valid maintenance agreement

  • End of Life, Beta, Release Candidate or Development releases

  • Customised versions of Wetware products (customised = original product code has been modified)

  • Development questions or requests. 

    • For community-based development support, please post these questions on Wetware Community.

    • Note: If a bug in Wetware development API is believed to be the root cause, sample code that demonstrates the problem and can be replicated must be provided.

  • Third-party application integrations or third-party plugins

  • Support for end-users (please see Knowledge Prerequisites)

  • Product training

  • Support in languages other than English, Japanese, and Portuguese

  • Professional Services 

    • System & Performance tuning

    • Deployment & Capacity Planning

    • Installation & Upgrade Services

Addressing Security Issues

Please read our Security Policies page for information about Wetware's approach to handling security issues.

Fixing Bugs

  • Wetware Support will help with workarounds and bug reporting

  • Critical bugs will generally be fixed in the next maintenance release

  • Non critical bugs will be scheduled according to a variety of considerations

*  Critical priority is defined as: "production application down or major malfunction causing business revenue loss or high numbers of staff unable to perform their normal functions." This includes security issues.

For more detailed information, please visit these policy pages:

  • Wetware Server Bug Fix Policy

  • Wetware Security Bug fix Policy


End of Life Policy

Wetware supports major versions for two years after the first major iteration of that version was released (for example, we support Projcycle 2.3.x for 2 years after Projcycle 2.3.0 was released).

For versions that are supported, customers can raise issues via https://support.wetware.com.au. If a bug is discovered, it will be prioritised based on our Bug Fixing Policy and may require you to upgrade to the version which includes the fix. For critical security bugs, please see our Security Bugfix Policy on which versions we will back port critical security fixes to. 






























Eligibility and Software Maintenance

Software maintenance covers access to support and software product updates for the corresponding software license. Refer to the End User License Agreement for specific terms of agreement. After the active maintenance period expires, the software will continue to function, but you will no longer be able to access support or software updates (including security bug fixes). Note that starter licenses include community support only. 

Support is open to system administrators and account holders. End-users will be redirected to a system administrator.

See Atlassian's bug fixing and Atlassian Security Bug Fix Policy policies for further discussion.